2014 in Review

Like so many others, 2014 was a year of ups and downs. As far as the ups, I sold a novel to Dark House Press and short fiction to various anthologies and magazines. I also had several new short stories published as well as quite a few reprints, including “Shall I Whisper to You of Moonlight, of Sorrow, of Pieces of Us?” in Year’s Best Weird Fiction Volume One. If you click over to my Short Fiction page, there are links to everything, but since it’s award season and only fiction published in 2014 is eligible, the list below contains solely the latter.

“A Lie You Give, and Thus I Take” – Lightspeed
“Such Faces We Wear, Such Masks We Hide” – Streets of Shadows
“The Floating Girls: A Documentary”Jamais Vu 
“U is for Umbrella” – A is for Apocalypse
“This is the Way I Die” Nightmare Magazine
“Green is for Silence, Blue is for Voice, Red is for Whole, Black is for Choice” – Daily Science Fiction
“The Serial Killer’s Astronaut Daughter”Strange Horizons

My favorites are bolded and of those three, “The Floating Girls: A Documentary” and “The Serial Killer’s Astronaut Daughter” are the stories that seem to have resonated strongly with readers. If you’re reading for award purposes and would like a copy of any of the stories not available online, send me an email (damien.angelica.walters@gmail.com) and I’ll send a copy to you in your preferred format.


4 thoughts on “2014 in Review

  1. Flaming June! I love the new blog, Damien. Thanks for posting your year in writing. I love these.

    And congratulations on a very fine year.

  2. Thanks for this list — there’s a couple there I haven’t read. Shocked, I know! “Astronaut Daughter” was an amazing compelling story, and you know I thought “A Lie You Give” was heartbreaking. Can’t wait for the new novel!

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