Sing Me Your Scars Release Day

Today is the official release day for Sing Me Your Scars. On Twitter yesterday, I joked about being nervous, but even the word nervous doesn’t describe how I feel. I tossed and turned most of last night, convinced that everyone will hate the book or worse, whisper quietly that I’m a no-talent hack. In other words, normal writer stuff on the eve of a book birthday.

Thus far, today has been a whirlwind. Author A. C. Wise posted a new interview with me, author and editor Alex Shvartsman featured a post from me on his site as part of his new series The Hook, Weird Fiction Review’s Christoper Burke posted a new review, and the first review went live on Amazon.

Thank you very much to Jason Sizemore  and Lesley Conner of Apex Publications for making this day and this journey a wonderful one. I’m truly grateful to everyone who spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, to those who offered kind words and congratulations, and to everyone who purchased Sing Me Your Scars. Thank you for taking a chance with my words; I hope you enjoy them.